**We are a Covid-compliant, sanitized wheelchair accessible, pet-friendly venue.**

Who? What? When? Where? And Why is this Oakland's Unicorn?

Born in Oakland during a full-blown sh*t storm of irrational thoughts and be-havior, combined with the heightened lack of common senses, and industries alike; forcing all specimen known as the Pobrokapothedamites to lurk and prey from whatever dwelling would contain their infected egos, daring to entertain us with such childish acts like Zoom shows, or worse, Timeline Stories. Gross. Not cute. Enter the Oakland Unicorn. Cute. Very cute. So cute it hurts so good. Live and up close, but not too close. Close encounters of a quiet laugh riot. Oakland Unicorn is also home to culinary pop-up Soul Sausage, which offers comedy fans a killer ticket add-on option, providing a world-class meal during your show. Oh and the show may happen to be on the radio because unicorns can be pirates too. Argh Lol. That's right folks. If you aren't able to make the show and you live in da hood you can tune in to The Unicorn at 90.1 FM. An old school radio comedy show in these Roarin' 20's on 20's right in your backyard. Oakland Unicorn Dreams is also a great ticket add-on option which provides a very special existential "Fun E. Guy" comedy experience for those adults 21 years of age and up. What a country! Hee-ha ha! Hee-ha ha! 

Soul Sausage Presents is the owner/founder/booking agent. 

What the f*** are you asking?  What? We do it all. Figure it out.

One Show Only Every Thursday-Saturday 7:30pm Sunday 6:30pm

2633 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA 94612 Outdoor Suite (Look left)

Why would you ask such a stupid question? Can you take a joke?

"The Oakland Unicorn is so sexy and sophisticated they make you question every other one night stand up. Stay horny Uni baby."

Who is ComedyPost.com

"Fuhgeddaboutit. This Unicorn wins everytime. It's a lock. Let it ride!"

$1 Sundays at Golden Gate Fields Guy

"Best place to see live comedy show. Food and jokes delicious."

Local Koreatown Resident




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